Weapon technology in 1600-1750

In the 1600s people from England just started to arrive into the colonies. Most left England because of the religious oppression.  The first colony that they made was Jamestown. To settle the colonist needed to protect themselves and two new types of weapon help them to defend the colony from Indians. There were two different inventions of the time for warfare technology in the time era of 1600-1750. The inventions were the flintlock and the bayonet.

The flintlock was used on rifles for a firing mechanism. Instead of having to light a fuse and wait for it finish when firing they could just pull the trigger and the gun powder would be instantly light. The flintlock used a lever called the hammer that had a piece of flint attach to it. When cocking it back the hammer would lock. When pulling the trigger the lock would be unleashed allow the hammer to spring forward making the flint hit a piece of metal creating a spark. The spark would then ignite the gun powder. The flint lock was invented by Marin Le Bourgeoys. These new firing mechanism made it easy to fire hand held weapons which gave the colonist better protection against Indians. It also made a better weapon for hunting allowing colonist to have a food supply. The other invention was the bayonet. This was a sharp arrow point blade added to the end of a rifle. This allowed the rifle to be a close range weapon two. The rifles of the time took a very long to reload. You would first have to pack in the gun powder then the built, and then you were ready. If you already shot the bayonet made a great alternate to attack Indians. It also made affective if some many people are close to you to protect yourself. The bayonet once again gave the colonist better protection.

The picture shows the colonists of the flintlock.  The flintlock includes the hammer, flint, pan, frizzen, frizzen spring, and trigger. All are used together to create a spark instantly when the trigger is pulled. The flint hits frizzen creating a spark, and the spark travels through the pan which is connected to the barrel where the gun powder is stored. The mechanism was a great invention of its time. The flintlock was used for 300 years.

The flintlock help many colonize survive. All the colonies from Jamestown to Plymouth needed this weapon. Also the weapons allowed the colonist to take over New Amsterdam and change it to the New York colony. The weapons made life easy for the colonist. If the flintlock wasn’t made the colonist would have a huge trouble defending off the Indian. The weapons made them more advance then the Indians allowing them to destroy rebellions.


             http://www.historyworld.net/timesearch/default.asp?conid=timeline&getyear=1600&keywords=   Weapons timeline



-Gio Fata

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    nicely done. 10/10

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